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How to Create a White Label WordPress Login Page?

Download Easy Login Styler Plugin

Create a white label WordPress login page that adds to your website’s unique identity.

Gone are the days when the only way to change the boring default admin login page was by spending hours on coding.

Today, with plugins like PHPBITS Creative Studio’s Easy Login Styler, you can provide users with a better-looking admin login page in just a few simple steps.

With Easy Login Styler, you can replace the WordPress logo with your own, add a background image, and customize using CSS.


Why Create a White Label WordPress Login Page?

And why not? There’s no excuse anymore to skip customizing your WordPress login page because it’s now made easy.

Needless to say, you spend long hours designing every page on your website to represent your business in a unique way.

However, you exclude the admin login page because you think tweaking it is less important.

Only members of the admin, perhaps your contributors, and editors use this page, so you think you don’t have to bother customizing it.

However, any organization should have branding that everyone should be accustomed to.

The admin login page is a good place to give your people a constant reminder of who you are as an organization by placing your brand logo and other trademarks.

STEPS to Create White Label WordPress Login Page

So, here’s all you need to do in order to start owning the login page.

Step 1. Download your free Easy Login Styler straight from your WordPress dashboard.

Next, click “Plugins > Add New”.

Into the Keyword Search field, just type in “Easy Login Styler”.

You should be able to see the plugin, as shown in the image below.


Click the “Install Now” button; then, the “Activate” button which instantly appears when the download is finished.

Step 2. Hover over “Settings” on your dashboard; then, click “Easy Login Styler.”


You can now begin styling your login page.

Step 3. Add your logo.

Click the “Select or Upload Image” button. Next, pick an image from the media library or upload a file. Then, click the “Use as Logo” button to finish.


Step 4. Place your background image.

Similar to Step 3, click the “Select or Upload Image” button.

After that, pick an image from the media library or upload a file.

Finally, click the “Use as Background” button to add the image.


Step 5. Click “Save”; then, check your website’s front end to see if you are happy with your login page’s new look.


Step 6. (Optional) Add custom codes using CSS. Whatever codes you add here will have an effect only on the WordPress login page.

Creating White Label WordPress Login Page Can Help Build Up Your Brand

Flaunt the distinct look of your website on every page, including the admin login.

As has been pointed out, with plugins like the Easy Login Styler, you can rebrand the default WordPress login page to make it your own.

In essence, users must become familiar with your logo and other trademarks. Therefore, you must use as many places as you can to show them off.

Certainly, there are good spots for them on the empty, white space of the default WordPress login page.

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