Best SEO Writing Practices

SEO writing is one of the most important factors in quick indexing and high ranking.

  • Use at least one image per article.
  • Embed relevant YouTube videos.
  • Outgoing links from an article increases its trust rating.
  • Write the article in an active voice.
  • Provide solutions to problems your future visitors need.
  • Write in a way that you are directly in chat with your visitor.
  • Be honest with your readers.
  • Use headings, subheadings, and quotes distributed evenly throughout the article.
  • Use targeted keywords in the first line of the article.
  • Use long-tail keywords.
  • Don’t stuff keywords, instead use synonyms of targeted keyword.
  • Use bold font to highlight keywords.
  • Keep paragraphs short.
  • Choose simple words and write in easy to read style.
  • Use appropriate links to your other articles.
  • Pillar articles should contain at least 1000 words.

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